“We will soon start harvesting Fuji in our orchards”


Demand for Turkish apples is increasing, according to an exporter of Turkish products. Thanks to the growing notoriety of Turkish apples in certain markets, the presence of the exporter’s brand is strengthening. The company believes it will be a good year, as most of the varieties have been harvested, only Fuji apples are still waiting to be picked.

According to Tugba Okyay, deputy general manager of Turkish product exporter Jardi’s, their start to the apple season has been positive: “We are having a very good apple season in Turkey; the quality of the harvest is very good this year. As we reveal our brand goals on this journey, we are getting more rewards in every market we operate in. So far we’ve finished harvesting Red Delicious, Granny Smith, and Golden apples. Soon we will harvest Fuji in our orchards.

Okyay says creating greater brand awareness has responded well to demand for their product. “As our brand and quality are increasingly visible in our existing markets, the demand for our product is also increasing. A simple rule works with the right strategy; when you have a good product and service with regards to relevant market research, you will see good demand for your product. The most important markets for our business are the global supermarket chains and the wholesale market. We are very used to working with retail chains and distributors in the wholesale channel. As we continue to provide high standard, good service, prompt delivery and the right specifications, I believe that Turkish apples will be seen more in global retail chains and wholesale channels in the near future. .

Dealing with weather conditions can be difficult and Okyay stresses that producers will have to do their best to ensure that products survive whatever hardships the climate imposes on them: “As everyone in the fresh produce business knows. , fruit is not something produced in a factory. This is something that nature has given us, where the grower has to be very careful during the pre-harvest period. Sudden weather events are another critical issue. You have to be well equipped and experienced in the orchard to intervene in time and overcome this kind of difficulty with a good intervention. So far we haven’t had any major weather issues this year. We cultivate in Nigde, which is the city where the climatic conditions are ideal for growing apples. We also have a warehouse and a pack in the same city. The port of Mersin is a few hours from our packing area, which is a big advantage for our container shipments by sea.

Over the next few weeks, Jardi’s will focus on harvesting Fuji: “As we have already harvested Royal Gala, Red Delicious and Golden Delicious apples and have just completed our harvest of Granny Smith apples, we will focus on harvesting. of Fuji in the coming weeks. We aim to increase our presence in our current markets. In addition, we will be more present in some countries to which Turkey rarely exports. We have confidence in our quality and our partnerships. Turkey produces four million tonnes of apples every year! Ok concludes.

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