“We grow 100% of our apricots in our own orchards”

Apricots grown in Turkey are in high demand by German customers this season, says Alanar’s marketing coordinator, Yigit Gokyigit: “Alanar is a grower, packer and exporter of apricots. We are having a great season this year. The quality of the fruit is at its best right now. We have been supplying our apricots to major supermarket chains around the world for years. This year we are seeing an increasing demand from Germany and Central European countries.

Gokyigit says the company’s intention is to increase production of its apricots over the next few years. “We grow 100% of our apricots in our own orchards, located in the Manisa region of Turkey. Even though our orchards still have young trees, we will harvest more than 1,200 tonnes this year. We expect our harvest to exceed 2,000 tons per year for the next two years. »

Although Alanar has managed to find good destinations for its apricots, Gokyigit points out that they are always looking for more markets and supermarkets to send their products to this season: “Our goal was to supply our high quality apricots to our remaining customers in Western Europe. We also wanted to introduce this fruit to the new market. I am so happy to see the satisfaction of our customers as well as the customers who receive our apricots for the first time. Everyone seems to appreciate the quality.

“We would like to offer our apricots to new customers this season. The varieties of our apricots are grown by a limited number of producers around the world. These assortments are very well known as being the premium quality apricots most demanded by importers! Gokyigit concludes.

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