Watch: 10 tumoli from the Siġġiewi vineyards up in smoke

around 10 tumulus of vines, including 20-year-old Chardonnay vines, as well as the piping throughout the plot were lost following a fire that broke out in Siġġiewi.

In footage uploaded to social media, Mark Cassar, a Maltese wine producer, showed rows of his scorched crops. The smoke continues to emerge as Cassar walks sadly between his beloved cultures.

The fields, near Salib tal-Għolja in Siġġiewi, caught fire around 11 a.m. on Tuesday.

Speaking to Lovin Malta, Cassar said he was determined to rebuild; When asked how he felt after watching decades of hard work go up in smoke, he replied, “Burnt. Angry. Calm. I will rebuild even if I am no longer 40 years old.

The Department of Agriculture is due to visit its site in the coming days to assess the damage – but Cassar is determined to find the cause of the fire, and he is not ruling out foul play.

“All my fields were planted in 2002/2003. They have reached a point of maturity where no pesticides or phytosanitary products are needed. About seven burial mounds need to be retooled from scratch – wires, irrigation pipes and vines… all gone.

The nearby fields belong to the government, Cassar worrying about how they have been neglected for years.

“The upper rubble walls would have been a powerful fire suppressant, but unfortunately they fell into disrepair,” Cassar said, noting that he was not allowed to repair the walls himself.

You can contact Mark Cassar and learn more about his unique wines by visiting his official website.

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