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Nollywood actress Chioma Ifemeludike has said Tiwa Savage needs to apologize to her fans over the release of her alleged sex tape.

Two weeks ago, Tiwa Savage revealed during an interview with American OAP, Angie Martinez of Power 105.1, that she was being blackmailed by a stranger who threatened to publish a sex tape in hentai featuring her with her current lover. .

The Koroba singer revealed that the blackmailer asked her for money not to broadcast the sex tape but she decided not to pay the money.

Monday evening, a sex tape leaked online. Although the face of the man involved does not appear, the lady in the video looks a lot like Tiwa Savage.

As the video went viral, social media users across multiple platforms took to their accounts to voice their opinion on the situation, and some wereted no time in blaming the singer.

However, some celebrities have given the singer their support, uploading her photo and saying hello to her on Instagram.

Angel, former Big Brother finalist Naija Shine Ya Eye, had previously criticized critics for blaming the singer, adding that it was a criminal offense to leak such a video.

Ifemeludike, however, condemned Tiwa Savage’s act, saying the singer should apologize to her fans.

In an Instagram post, she said: “Even though I find this supposed ‘sex tape drama’ to be a huge distraction, I haven’t seen the video and I don’t care what an adult is in the world. made of his personal life, but my people, bad thing na bad thing, especially if it comes from someone young people admire.

“You might want to defend this disgusting trend by saying ‘she didn’t publish it blah blah blah’ but in a normal society I would expect the person in question to expose whoever is behind this act, to blame. and persecution.

“She needs to publicly admit her neglect and apologize to her fans. We cannot continue to praise immoral behavior while our young girls are watching.

“She has also been accused of intentionally allowing this video to flood the internet space at the same time that her last music video is released.

“This is just speculation. I don’t believe them but Tiwatope Savage Balogun must purify the air for posterity and our growing daughters! Sex is a sacred gift given to humans to enjoy marriage by God. ”

The actress added that people hailed the “evil” because it was Tiwa Savage, stating that these people were hypocrites.

“Because it’s Tiwa savage, everyone salutes evil, whether it’s Chioma Grace Ifemeludike or an ordinary woman in Nigeria, everyone will be screaming that she is chasing influence or that she is desperate.

“This hypocrisy is the reason why so many ‘police officers’ get away with crimes against humanity. So many men of God are not held responsible, so many celebrities do not make sense! Hypocrisy is worse than corruption!

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