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Tuesday, Buzzfeed News reported that the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office is considering laying criminal charges against producer Diplo for invasion of privacy and intentional spread of an STI. The charges stem from allegations an anonymous woman made that the musician treated her, sexually assaulted her, intentionally gave her chlamydia and posted sexually explicit hentai videos of her without her consent. Since word of the story first broke last year, Diplo and his legal team have said the woman is a delusional fan trying to scam her for rejecting her. Amid multiple lawsuits, restraining orders and Twitter threads, the story becomes increasingly confusing to follow. Here is what we know.

A 25-year-old woman says Diplo raped her.

According to legal documents obtained by Buzzfeed News, the accuser, who is not identified to protect her privacy, says Diplo contacted her on Twitter when she was seventeen, and they continued to talk before having consensual sex when she was 21 in March 2018. Then, according to her account, just over a year later, Diplo raped her in her hotel room after a performance in Las Vegas. Las Vegas police refused to press charges. There are medical records from a few days after this encounter that show she tested positive for chlamydia, and she says in her documents that Diplo was her only sexual partner at the time.

In October 2020, the woman filed a report with the LAPD claiming that Diplo recorded sexually explicit videos of her without her permission and, years later, distributed at least one without her consent. She also accused the DJ of knowingly infecting her with chlamydia. The report alleges Diplo raped the woman in his Las Vegas hotel room after a concert, for which no criminal charges have yet been filed.

Before going to LAPD, the woman posted a series of tweets that included these allegations, in addition to claiming that Diplo had prepared her and then hired a private investigator to find her after an argument. Days after the thread appeared, an anonymous Twitter account posted a sexually explicit photo of the woman. She says Diplo was the only person in possession of this photo.

Diplo says his accuser has been stalking and harassing him for years.

In November 2020, the woman obtained a temporary injunction against Diplo. His lawyer has denied the allegations of pornographic revenge Rolling stone, saying the woman “has been harassing my client and his family for over a year.” A month later he deposit his own restraining order against her, saying that she posted nude pictures of him without his consent.

The two have very different accounts of their relationship. Diplo posted an Instagram carousel on Wednesday disputing all the charges and allegations against him. According to his account, which includes screenshots of messages purportedly sent by his accuser, the woman is an obsessed fan who he had two consensual encounters with over the course of a few years before realizing she was delusional and attempting to ‘stop all communications with her. He says he only met her in 2018, and that she used fake numbers and anonymous social media accounts to harass him and the mother of one of his children. He also says a family in Florida has a permanent restraining order against them.

The post refers to a separate sexual assault case that was fall ten days after his filing in July this year, which accused Diplo of forcing a woman called EK to perform oral sex in his hotel room in Las Vegas in July 2019. According to Diplo, it is the same night as his accuser. says he raped her. He says he had consensual sex with the woman and a handful of his friends, including EK, and that the charges were dropped because he found videos of that night that the two women filmed.

Now Diplo and the woman are chasing each other.

The two restraining orders were dismissed in January this year, when lawyers for both sides appeared for a hearing. Then, in April, Diplo filed a lawsuit for damages, highlighting his claims the woman was a mad fan. The lawsuit roughly matches the substance of his Instagram post, accusing him of stalking, trespassing and distributing private documents.

The woman also filed a lawsuit in June, suing Diplo for alleged sexual violence, assault, libel and intentional imposition of emotional distress. The lawsuit describes Diplo as “a middle-aged white man who targets very young black women and girls for sexual assault.”

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