The Institute of Agrarian Economy predicts a 3-7% increase in poultry meat prices until 2022

The National Research Center of the Institute of Agrarian Economy predicts a 3-7% rise in poultry meat prices by the end of 2021.

The institute said so in a statement, reports the Ukrainian news agency.

“Now, a paradoxical situation has developed in the poultry meat market: with an increase in production volumes already exceeding domestic demand, poultry meat prices are increasing,” said Nataliya Kopytets, researcher at foreground at the Department of Pricing and Agrarian Market of the Institute of Agrarian Economics National Research Center.

According to her, the wholesale price of poultry (chicken carcass) in early September 2021 was UAH 48.00-74.50 per kilogram.

In addition, according to her, for the year – from early September last year to early September 2021 – the average wholesale price of poultry (chicken carcass) in the country increased by 29% and s’ amounted to 58.81 UAH per kilogram.

Kopytets noted that at the same time, according to the latest data from the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, in July 2021, consumer prices for poultry meat (chicken carcass) and chicken fillets underwent the changes the most importants.

Consumer prices for chicken carcasses increased by more than a third (+ 34.59%) compared to July 2020 and amounted to 69.34 UAH per kilo, and the price of chicken fillet increased from 29.30% – to 109.70 UAH per kilogram.

She said that such an increase in consumer prices for poultry meat was due to several factors: for the period from January to July 2020, consumer prices for chicken carcasses decreased by 17% and for nets by 22.3%, which was due to quarantine. measures related to Covid-19, which included border closures.

In addition, according to her, on the one hand, exports were suspended, and on the other hand, domestic consumption was limited by the low capacity of the population to pay.

“Therefore, the increase in prices in January-July 2021 is due to their restoration to the level of 2019. Indeed, in July of that year, the consumer prices of poultry meat (chicken carcass) s ‘amounted to 61.78 UAH per kilogram, respectively, and 109.19 UAH per kilogram should be paid for 1 kg of chicken fillet, “Kopytets said.

In particular, in his opinion, an important factor in the growth of consumer prices in January-July 2021 was a 3.5% reduction in the poultry population caused by an increase in production costs due to the rise in prices. price of cereals and compound feed.

“The future price situation for poultry meat will be determined by the prices of input resources and the ability of the population to pay. According to the planned estimates of scientists from the Institute of Agrarian Economics, by the end of 2021, the price of all types of poultry meat could increase by 3 to 7%, ”commented Kopytets.

As the Ukrainian News Agency previously reported, in August 2021 compared to August 2020, poultry meat exports increased by 24.6% or 11.841 million USD to 59.885 million USD, imports – by 20, 4% or $ 0.838 million to $ 4.941 million.

In 2020, compared to 2019, poultry meat exports decreased by 4.1% or 23.686 million USD to 554.946 million USD, imports – by 13.4% or 7.017 million USD to 45.510 million USD.

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