Technology Accelerates Support for Broiler Producers

Developments in Poultry Sense, the analytics platform that uses artificial intelligence to produce insights that aid on-farm productivity and efficiency measurements, mean the interface is faster and more dynamic, giving higher performance products at the touch of a button.

Poultry Sense Veterinary Advisor Barry Thorp says a downloadable PDF report is now available at the end of each crop, allowing producers to see the health and performance data needed to identify what went well in the flock. , as well as areas for improvement.

“All the changes we make to the technology are aimed at improving the user experience so that producers are happy to engage with the platform every day and use it in real time. To achieve this, we are working working closely with our customers to build strong relationships, as this is what provides us with a strong feedback loop to understand how growers are using technology, and then we can continue to evolve the service and improve usability .

Crop data or herd cycles

Some farmers use crop data to make incremental changes to future herds, while others make changes through herd cycles based on real-time data collection and see the real benefit of the technology.

“A Devon-based broiler manager has had the best performance ever at one of his sites. He is on site daily to review the environment, water consumption and weight gain as well as enter mortality data. And using the information provided, it makes real-time decisions such as reviewing environmental conditions and as a result, it dramatically improves crop performance,” Thorp said.

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