Swarms of megabats attack mango orchards

Mega-bats have attacked mango orchards in Mamoo Kanjan here, local farmers reported on Saturday. Orchard workers, finding the megabat with a wingspan of about four and a half feet, killed it with sticks, local farmers said.

The bat had been damaging trees and fruit yield for several days, farmers said. Bats with a wingspan of over four feet with a dog-like face have also been reported in rural areas of Sindh in recent years.

Thousands of wild fruit bats attacked fruit farms in Nawabshah near the Rohri channel in July 2021. Flocks of wild fruit bats attacked banana and mango farms in the area and damaged fruit yield in several farms in the area, local police said. “Police tried to kill flocks of bats and get rid of many of them,” officials said. In December 2019, mega-bats attacked standing crops in a village in Sujawal district, Sindh. The large bats attacked fruit farms in Nodo Baran village in Sujawal district, local villagers said. The farmers claimed to have killed around 40 bats by shooting into the village.

Prior to that, the bats of such a large size were transported to the katcha region of Piryalo town in northern Sindh in 2015. These creatures are said to have eaten mangoes and dates in the fruit farms of the region. According to reports, these bats aren’t just scary for their size and ability to inflict damage on farms and orchards.

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