Some local Iowa crops thrive despite drought


IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG) – The drought has had a big impact on Iowa’s crops this year, but not all of the effects are negative.

Wilson’s Orchard & Farm in Iowa City said the weather this season has been great for apples.

“That combination of hot days and cool nights is what we love as an apple grower, you yearn for those kinds of days where, you know, the heat during the day creates sugars, the cool at night creates the color, ”Paul Rasch, the owner of Wilson, said.

Wilson’s has over 100 different types of apples to pick until the end of October.

“In fact, we got probably the best crop we’ve ever grown here at Wilson,” said Rasch.

The drought not only has a positive impact on apples this season, pumpkins have been able to thrive under these conditions as well.

“In fact, pumpkins somewhat prefer it over a wet year. I mean, obviously in a wet year they’re going to rot, ”said Dean Colony, owner of Colony Pumpkin Patch in North Liberty.

“It was perfect. And you see the color on them is really strong. The size is really good. The yield is really good on pumpkins. So we expect a very good pumpkin crop, ”said Rasch.

Rasch said the support from the community this season has been very encouraging.

“People that come up to me and other people on the farm and say, you know, how does the drought affect, you know, are you seriously concerned and I think that’s really a sign of our time when people start to really reconnect with local food and saying, how does this weather not just affect me and my commute to work, but how does it affect local food production? Rasch said.

Wilson’s and Colony will be celebrating fall activities throughout October.

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