Schramsberg Vineyards Toast 2021 Harvest, Firefighter Efforts | Local News

At this year’s Schramsberg Vineyards annual harvest toast, gratitude took center stage as winemaker Hugh Davies thanked firefighters after the difficult previous year with the Glass Fire.

As Schramsberg’s winemaking and field staff gathered with the press on Wednesday to toast its 2021 vintage, much of the toast also touched on the struggles the company — and frankly, the region — have been having. overcome.

Cal Fire member Jason Downs was present at the event and was called out by Davies for his continued support of the Schramsberg wine country and estate. Davies told the story of when the Glass Fire hit their area, thanking Cal Fire for their efforts to save his crop and his property.

“Someone had spent most of the day urging the fire department to come up, we had been picking fruit and they were lying around in bins and we couldn’t get them off the property, but we had the fire burning all the way. way from the back of our vineyards,” Davies said. “Cell phones weren’t working too well, so we hit the road because we really needed help, and within five minutes the first fire truck arrived, with Jason in the truck. Two more trucks arrived right after, and suddenly there were 16 firefighters on the property.

“And in the end,” Davies said emotionally, “As crazy as that fire was, all of our buildings are still there.”

Schramsberg is not slowing down, but rather speeding up. Winemaking director Sean Thompson said the vineyard expects to produce around 1,200 tons of Chardonnay instead of its usual 900, and will have a bigger harvest this year than last if all goes well. .

“We’re really pushing the maximum level that we’ve done, and a lot of that will be for the bubbly here,” Davies said.

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