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The 2021 vintage is a landmark season for Road 13 Vineyards, as it was the first harvest as a certified organic producer. That’s right, every row of Road 13 grown is 100% organic.

“We are already seeing the difference that organic farming has made in the vineyards,” says senior winemaker Rob Achurch. “It confirmed my belief that the vine should be grown naturally, respecting the land and the variability that each season brings.”

This certification was a big job, but the team firmly believed that hard work and commitment to the process would mean a happier Earth, a healthier Earth and a future of great wine.

According to winemaker Barclay Robinson, a good farmer knows it’s all about concessions: “Cover crops, wildlife conservation and composting are just some of the things we do to manage this land. It’s a long way but on our way, there are no shortcuts.

With the help of Young Agrarians, Route 13 supports a new generation of farmers and the practice of regenerative agriculture. For the months of April through June, when you purchase a bottle of Seventy-Four K 2020 – a delicious, full-bodied red blend – Road 13 will donate one dollar to Next Generation Farmer Training that promotes healthy soils .

“Young Agrarians are new, young, ecological farmers who are championing regenerating soils and building vibrant food systems to feed our communities,” said Young Agrarians co-founder Sara Dent. “Since we all eat, now more than ever, we need to train the next generation of ecological farmers.”

This non-profit organization strives to grow regeneratively produced local food through its growing network of farmers. Young Agrarians programs help the next generation share knowledge, access land, business tools, on-farm training in regenerative agriculture, educational events and more.

“By connecting to the earth and to each other, we can develop a more resilient future,” says Young. “We must dream about a thousand years into the future, not just next year. It is our collective responsibility to respect the Indigenous lands on which we live and on which we depend for our vital resources: food, water and shelter. We are in a time of transition and our food systems are more important than ever.”

As the average age of farmers increases nationally (55+) and more farmers leave the sector, the industry has reached a crossroads where good cultivation practices and the regeneration of new farmers are essential. ?

You can support a new generation of farmers and soil regeneration with the purchase of a bottle of Seventy-Four K from Road 13. This big, bold blend is perfect for sharing, and your gift will help young farmers develop the next generation of regenerative plants. farmers and environmental stewards in Canada.

Together, we develop places.

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