Fly ash from Bihar power plants wreaks havoc on human health and crops: study

Villagers and farmers residing around the Kahalgaon Super Thermal Power Plant are reeling from the constant fear of damage to their health and crops due to mismanagement of fly ash generated during power generation. Research organizations Asar Social Impact Advisors, Research on Energy and Clean Air and Manthan Adhyay Kendra recently published a study entitled […]

Ninth Circuit Dismisses Trader Joe’s Poultry Class Action

In a unanimous case law decision, a Ninth Circuit panel recently upheld the dismissal of a putative class action lawsuit against Trader Joe’s, which alleged that the “Up to 5% Water Retained” statement on poultry product labels of Trader Joe’s was misleading. According to the Applicant, its independent tests showed that Trader Joe’s poultry products […]

Royal Hawaiian Orchards Invites Customers to Vote on Potential New Flavors

Royal Hawaiian Orchards gives customers the opportunity to influence decisions about new products through virtual survey DANA POINT, California, July 14, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Today, the Royal Hawaiian Orchards macadamia nut powerhouse released an online survey that allows customers to decide what new products and flavors they’d like to see next. To vote on […]

Report: Indiana farmers planted more cover crops than ever

Cover crops can improve water infiltration into the soil and some, like legumes, are also natural fertilizers. (bmargaret / Adobe Stock) (Indiana News Service) There’s good news for soil conservation efforts in a new survey from the Indiana Conservation Partnership: Farmers across the state have planted about 1.5 million acres of cover crops l ‘last […]

Restaurant Brands Int’l (NYSE: QSR), Wingstop (NYSE: WING) – Popeyes stocks poultry supplies ahead of nuggets rollout: report

International restaurant brands (NYSE: QSR) Fast food chain Popeyes stockpiled poultry ahead of the July 27 launch of a new chicken nugget product. What happened: According to a Bloomberg report, the chain has been gathering an inventory of frozen chicken since January to make sure there aren’t any issues with quantity control when the product […]

Manure is a multivitamin for crops

Thomas is retired from the William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute and President of Oak Point Agronomics Ltd. Wiersma is the Alfalfa Business Manager at Corteva Agriscience. Research conducted by the USDA Agricultural Research Service at its Idaho station found higher crop yields where cattle manure had previously been applied. The value of manure for […]

Farmers face six-figure losses as Salmonella Enteritidis destroys poultry industry

The poultry industry is in shock and businesses are facing enormous financial difficulties following the detection of Salmonella Enteritidis. Photo file. Photo: Unsplash The Poultry Industry Association and Egg Producers Federation executive director Michael Brooks said it has been detected in three broiler flocks and three egg farms across the North Island, with some linked […]