Chicken prices soar due to pent-up demand

After lockdown restrictions from the coronavirus pandemic across the country hit it badly in May-June, the poultry industry is now seeing a rebound, with prices for broiler chicken rising sharply. The reopening of hotels and restaurants has also boosted demand for chicken. Farm-gate prices for live birds hover around 130 yen per kg, nearly double […]

Pointe-Claire inaugurates a commemorative orchard in honor of local victims of COVID-19

The city of Pointe-Claire has inaugurated an orchard that will serve as a memorial to victims of COVID-19 and a garden that will provide food to people in need. Susan Weaver, a resident of the West Island Municipality, came up with the idea for the project in March. At a council meeting, she suggested planting […]

Genetically modified crops: godsend or scourge – myRepublica

Due to the continued cultivation of modern high-yielding hybrid varieties and GM crops, there may be risks of genetic erosion resulting in the loss of our ancestral native seeds. This may have a more negative effect on countries like Nepal where people practice informal seed systems that mainly depend on seeds produced on their own […]

Legal Pecking Order: Ninth Circuit Finds Poultry Labeling Claims Preempted | Proskauer – Advertising law

In a unanimous case law decision, a Ninth Circuit panel recently upheld the dismissal of a putative class action lawsuit against Trader Joe’s, which alleged that the “Up to 5% Water Retained” statement on poultry product labels of Trader Joe’s was misleading. According to the Applicant, its independent tests showed that Trader Joe’s poultry products […]

The Vineyard Haven Library fundraising campaign is back

In 2017, Vineyard Haven Public Library began its plans to build a multi-purpose hall after receiving feedback from patrons who were asked about their dissatisfaction with the library facilities used to host these programs. Raise funds and manage operations slowed down in 2020 due to COVID, but now the library is back in promoting its […]

Bad weather in northern Italy

The long-awaited rain finally arrived but, on numerous occasions, it also came with heavy hailstones. On Tuesday July 13, 2021, heavy rains hit various parts of northern Italy, reaching in some cases over 30 millimeters, often accompanied by strong gusts of wind. Source: Weather Forlì-Cesena In Lombardy, the region of Castel Groffredo (Mantua) was the […]