No shortage of chickens in Trinidad and Tobago

In a recent press release, the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands and Fisheries of Trinidad and Tobago denied a claim by MP Ravi Ratiram that there was a shortage of local chicken in the market.

“Our local chicken processors have advised the ministry that they continue to meet continued demands for chicken, as we approach the peak Christmas and year-end periods,” the ministry said in a news release.

With the decision to extend the Food Box program for an additional three months from October to December 2021, coupled with an increase in demand for local chicken with the reopening of bars and food businesses, the National Agricultural Marketing and Development Corporation (NAMDEVCO) was able to acquire chickens on credit on certain days and in specific quantities, the ministry said. Based on this, local chicken is included in food boxes when chicken is available to NAMDEVCO.

Although Raviram said chicken was not included in the food box due to a shortage, the ministry said MPs had specifically requested that chicken not be included during the October/November period because their constituents observed the traditional fasting period.

The Ministries of Finance and Agriculture, Lands and Fisheries are working together to finance current debts to chicken processors and local farmers, as already approved by Cabinet, and to do so before the Food Box scheme takes hold. ends the current cycle on December 22, 2021.

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