New report predicts bleak future for California wineries

While the State of California Wine Report may have made a few people aware of the situation, winemakers in the region have long known they are in crisis.

The decline in grape yields was caused by climate change. In 2018, John Lockwood of Enfield Wine Co. was already telling the University of California Hastings environmental law journal that if temperatures follow the predicted rise, vineyards will no longer be able to grow quality Pinot Noir, which is a major product in California. .

The problems have persisted this year, as Wine Enthusiast reports. UC Davis is under pressure to update the Winkler Index, which is a classification of wine regions that tells producers which wines perform better where. “With better knowledge of the changes in the compositional elements of grapes in the vineyard, we will have better guidance on how to react in the cellar and create the wines we want to make,” says Warren Winiarski, a Napa winemaker. Valley.

The problem of climate change has been compounded with rising water and labor costs in the state. So, concludes AgNet West Radio Network, the cost of production will continue to climb above stagnant wine profits. The future could very well be in less competition if California wines are to remain sustainable, both environmentally and financially.

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