Nashik District: Rain hit crops on 38,000 ha | Nashik News


Nashik: The primary harvest assessment revealed that 38,000 hectares in Nashik district were damaged due to the recent wave of unusual rains on December 1 and 2 that affected the 15 talukas in the district.
In total, there were 55,895 farmers in 1,097 villages that were affected by the relentless rains that hit the entire district. The rain hit the Chandwad taluka the most, where 30,122 farmers from 112 taluka villages were affected by the rain.
Dindori is the second most affected taluka with 4,347 farmers in 317 villages who have lost their crops.
According to data shared by the District Administration’s Scarcity Branch, the primary assessment shows that crops on 729 hectares of rain-fed land and 26,653 hectares of irrigated land and 10,599 hectares of orchards were damaged.
In the non-irrigated category, paddy cultivation was affected – 266 hectares in Sinnar and 211 hectares in Dindori taluka with others.
In the irrigated category, 18,500 hectares of onions in Chandwad taluka alone out of the 23,242 hectares in the district were damaged. The remaining crops, including wheat, tomatoes and vegetables, spread over 3,400 hectares, were damaged.
In the orchard section, the worst damage was reported in the vines followed by pomegranate trees. Vineyards on 10,599 hectares were damaged, while pomegranates on 111 hectares were damaged.
The administration stressed that this was the main damage assessment.
Even though the number of farmers and areas are subject to change, the final survey will also show the figure for damage suffered by farmers due to the period of unusual heavy rains, the officer added.



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