Napa Valley Harvest Review: A Busy Week in the Vines | New


Jennifer Rue, Oakville Ranch Vineyards – Last Thursday, Oakville Ranch kicked off the 2021 harvest with our 1.2 acre block of Chardonnay selection just 10% below our five-year average. Ben Blacksmith at Groth and Lars Bjorkman at Saddleback reported having picked their latest Oakville whites, and a chat with Paradigm’s Mark Fasi revealed that their Merlot for Rosé is also available. By all accounts, it was a busy week in the last press loads ahead of the heat of the Work. The break between whites and reds seems pretty compressed. It wouldn’t be surprising to hear about Syrah and Merlot by the weekend. So far, summer 2021 has avoided the heat extreme of recent vintages, resulting in a sustained rate of development of color, flavor and tannins. freshness even as the Brix increases. All over Oakville, Bordeaux varietals follow each other closely and progress rapidly. Expectation born will not be long.

Louis Kapcsandy Jr., Kapcsandy Family Winery – “Almost all of the whites are in it except some newer Chardonnays which are mostly exposed to SE. The overnight lows dip into the low 40s, keeping the acids from moving quickly, which is a delight as the Grape phenols in the reds are now as afternoon temperatures across the valley have moderated into the high range of the ’80s and’ 90s, the Cabernets are treading valiantly towards the finish line. Brix and a pH of 3.3. This grape, cultivated everywhere in my father’s country of origin, Hungary, adapts surprisingly to our region. The clusters are large and the rachis (main axis of the stem) is a little fragile, but it ripens every year in mid-September and maintains a proper balance and richness without malolactic fermentation. We ferment the wine in stainless steel, beat the lees for 5 months, stabilize cold, filter and bottle in end of winter. “


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