More sustainable feed could be the key to climate-smart poultry

Technologies that could increase the efficiency of poultry feed through animal or plant genetics could have a dramatic effect on the overall sustainability of the supply chain, from farm to fork.

“It takes a lot of land and energy and emits a lot of greenhouse gases to produce the food we feed animals,” explained Marty Matlock, Ph.D., professor of ecological engineering, Department of Biological Engineering and agricultural, University of Arkansas.

“The technologies I’m most excited about are feed utilization efficiency technologies – both animal genetics and feed composition – particularly micronutrient amino acid adjustments throughout the feed cycle. animal life.”

Matlock is one of many experts who will speak at the Poultry Tech Summit, scheduled for October 30-November 1 in Atlanta, Georgia. This unique in-person event facilitates the transition of innovation technologies from researchers and entrepreneurs to commercial applications for the benefit of the poultry industry.

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What Net Zero and other sustainability goals mean for poultry

Consumer concerns about sustainability have driven retailers and foodservices to make Net Zero commitments, with implications that reverberate throughout the poultry supply chain.

“We engage, we learn and we improve. It can be incremental, and many environmentalists worry that we’re not moving fast enough,” Matlock said. “But it’s incremental because it’s a very complex system and if we make deep changes without understanding the system, it will have undesirable results.”

The drive to design sustainable global food systems will impact how birds are raised, fed, processed, distributed and marketed.

Technologies that could improve the sustainability of the poultry supply chain include improvements in poultry genetics and better understanding of the gut microbiome and crop ecosystem to develop better feeding strategies.

“We can make changes now that will translate into production benefits three years from now,” he added.

“Climate-smart agriculture is good for business. This is an incredible asset for the way the animal sector – particularly poultry – is perceived in the market.

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Registration is now open.

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