Local orchards are looking forward to the fall season

MOORESVILLE, Ind. – For Spencer and Kaylee Creekmore, it’s not really falling until they get to Anderson orchard.

“When Kaylee and I first met, it was our first fall,” Spencer said, “and we came here and loved it so much we made it a thing every year. We came here and we got engaged two years ago.

On Monday morning, the Creekmores came to the orchard for their annual fall tradition, this time with their baby in tow and a cart ready to pick out their perfect pumpkin.

Whether it’s pumpkins, apples, or whatever you’re looking for, at Anderson there seems to be plenty.

“We have a lot of U-Pick apples, we still have U-Pick pumpkins, U-Pick red raspberries are still going,” owner Erin Sterling said.

Sterling said the ample supply is a welcome sight after a few tough years, especially for apple crops.

“10% of a crop a year, I think 20% of a crop a year, and maybe 3 years ago it was maybe 30 or 40,” she said. “It’s really good now to have a harvest, hard to sell apples if you don’t have any, isn’t it?”

Things like late frosts have also impacted supply in recent years, but Sterling said things are looking good this time around.

“It was a little scary in June because we haven’t had much rain this summer,” she said, “but you know it seemed like God sent it when we needed it in July, which was really helpful.”

With good harvests this year, Sterling said prices are stable and she expects customers will have a bit more time to shop.

“Normally the last 3 years the apples have ended around this time, October 1st, nothing left to pick,” Sterling said, “but I would say we will have U-Pick apples throughout the month of October.”

Sterling said the weather had a huge impact on the job as a whole, but she’s grateful to the customers who continue to support them.

“They even call and ask, ‘So how’s the apple harvest?’ and I’m like, ‘That’s always good! Keep coming, keep coming, we’re gonna have them for a while!'” She laughed. “It’s a relief to have what people want! “

Other companies, including Waterman Family Farmare also looking forward to the upcoming fall season.

Owner Carol Waterman said the pumpkin crops look great. She said the supply is good filled with well colored and shaped carving and pie pumpkins with sturdy stems. They also started inviting customers into the field to pick turnip and mustard greens.

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