Large-scale commercial poultry farms posing a health risk

Quality Integrated Agro Limited (QIAL) manages mega poultry farms close to human dwellings in Madhabpur upazila despite HC status quo

Toxic water is discharged from one of the mega poultry farms owned by QIAL. The photo was taken recently from Bhobanipur village in Madhabpur upazila of Habiganj district. Photo: Mintu Deshwara


Toxic water is discharged from one of the mega poultry farms owned by QIAL. The photo was taken recently from Bhobanipur village in Madhabpur upazila of Habiganj district. Photo: Mintu Deshwara

Six large unauthorized commercial poultry farms pose risks to public health and agriculture in Madhabpur upazila de Habiganj, in violation of a High Court order.

Although there is no provision for the installation of poultry farms in populated areas without respect for the law, all of these commercial farms have been established near homes, educational institutions and mosques in the villages. in violation of the law.

Ibadur Rahman Bilal, a local Awami League member from Kamalpur village, said the illegally established poultry farms gave off an unbearable odor making the villages livable. Apart from this, the roads in the area have become rutted due to the passage of heavy vehicles carrying food and other things to and from the farms.

The stench coming from these farms makes the locals sick. Due to the stench of the farm, devout Muslims in the area also find it difficult to get to the mosque to pray, he also said.

The owner of the poultry farm is so influential that the locals dare not speak out against him. There are allegations that the owner of the farm has harassed those who have come forward to protest against him, he added.

During a recent visit to the region, this correspondent discovered that several farms for laying hens and broilers had been set up in the villages of Kamalpur, Kalikapur, Harinkhola and Gopinathpur. Due to the dumping of litter and other wastes from poultry farms, farmers have not been able to grow boro this season and robi crops. The people living next to the farm were the most affected.

Residents said: “We cannot breathe freely. As the owner of the farm is influential, no one dares to speak out against him. It will not be possible for us to live in this area if the farms are not closed or if alternative measures are not taken. taken.”

Anisur Rahman Adil, the founding director of Hazrat Shahjalal (R) Alim Madrasa in Kamalpur, said that Quality Feed has started several mega poultry farms in Kamalpur village without getting permission from the Environment and Livestock Department .

In the public interest, Anisur Rahman Adil filed a lawsuit with the High Court on April 1 last year to challenge the legality of setting up farms in a populated area. Following the hearing, the HC magistracy of Judge MdMojibur Rahman Mia and Judge Md Kamrul Hossain Mollah issued a status quo on the activities of the six poultry farms.

But even after six months, no action has been taken to implement the HC ordinance, he added.

Despite HC’s recent order on Fariha Layer Farm and Harinkhola Poultry Farm, new electrical connections have been provided to the farms in clear violation of the court order, he also said.

Md Manjurul Islam, a security guard at the company’s No.6 poultry farm in Harinkhola village, said the broiler farm started here on September 18 and the power connection has also been provided. September 17th. There are over 36,000 chicks here.

Farhadul Islam, the landowner of Farm No.6 in the same village, said he did not know how the farm started operating after the High Court order, but the company resumed operations on. September 18.

Gedu Mia, a farmer who owns land in Gopinathpur village, said company members harassed them with assault cases whenever they spoke about the issues. “The land adjacent to the farm cannot be cultivated because of the stench and the bodies of rotten chickens thrown on it; our land is ruined,” he added.

Abdur Rashid, Deputy Director of Quality Integrated Agro Limited (QIAL), said: “The status quo was issued on one of the poultry farms next to the madrasa and we closed it according to HC order.

“On the other hand, we run the business commercially with all kinds of approvals,” he added.

When contacted, Dr Md Abdus Sattar Beg, head of animal husbandry at Madhabpur Upazila, admitted that QIAL was running large-scale farms in villages without registration.

When asked how QIAL could have continued its activity for so long without registering, he replied that he was unable to answer the question as he was only posted in the upazila recently. .

Mizanur Rahman, deputy director of the Department of the Environment (DoE) at Habiganj, said Emran Hossain, director of the DoE at Sylhet, sent a letter to know the details of Quality Integrated Agro Limited (QIAL).

“We visited the area and found that only the henhouse next to the madrasa was closed,” he said.

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