It’s time to protect orchards from frost

AID (Agriculture Industrial Development) has been operating in the antifreeze technology sector for over 50 years. In the past year, in order to mitigate the devastating effects caused by adverse weather events, the company has sold more than 100 units of its two new models of antifreeze fans.

Upper and lower reducers

The WMD170 and WMD230 models feature state-of-the-art propellers with lengths of 5.93 and 6.10 meters, respectively. In the last few days alone, fifteen machines have been delivered throughout Emilia Romagna – a leading producing region in Italy.

The 175 and 238 horsepower engines can be controlled remotely via a smartphone – they can be turned on and off with a single click, although the on and off temperatures can also be adjusted.

238 horsepower IVECO FPT engine

“Our new fans are fully interconnected with customer management systems. They indeed have 4.0 certifications, which means that our clients can benefit from a 50% tax credit and even apply for Sabantini incentives ”, explains Vincenzo Castiglione, agronomist and commercial director.

Remote control

“Our R&D office experiments and manufactures in partnership with the American company Amarillo, which produces super efficient propellers that can reach distances unthinkable to date. We have also developed new reducers capable of withstanding the enormous power produced by Iveco engines. of 238 horsepower and the transfer to the propeller to protect the crops from frost. “

Vincenzo Castiglione
Technical sales office
95121 Catania, Italy
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