India’s Largest Exhibition on Agriculture, Farm Machinery, Dairy, Poultry, Animal Husbandry Equipment and Agricultural Processing Technologies

Agricultural mechanization, innovative technologies, the use of good agricultural practices and added value are the key factors to solve most of the farmers’ problems and make Indian agriculture sustainable.
All over the world, the agricultural sector is attracting attention for the development of new enterprises in the fields of technology, services and business ideas, etc. in order to maintain the global food supply. Agriculture has been a major source of livelihood for half of the Indian population. The Indian food industry has immense potential and is constantly striving for growth. After a global pandemic, per capita consumption of fruits and vegetables, floriculture and other horticultural crops has increased dramatically. The Indian government has also attempted to rejuvenate the technological and business development ecosystem in various sectors, including agriculture and food, through its rejuvenated flagship programs, especially Aatma Nirbhar Bharat.
Therefore, an important event is also organized, namely a special pavilion on “Agricultural Innovators, Incubators and Startups” at the 12th AgriTech India 2021 exhibition series, in parallel with India Foodex and GrainTech India, from 28 to 30 October at BIEC, Bangalore. . This special pavilion will allow attendees to connect with real users of their technology and connect them with thousands of professional visitors who came to explore business opportunities during the 3-day event. A special price for the pavilion would be offered to participants to develop their products / services / business models etc.
Government initiatives aim to strengthen infrastructure in agriculture and related areas to promote agro-entrepreneurship and agro-industrial innovations by providing financial support and fueling the incubation ecosystem, a new component of the revamped programs. . These programs support the incubation of agrifood businesses by exploiting innovations and technologies for the creation of agricultural businesses. In this process, incubation facilities and expertise already available in the country will be used on an individual or collective basis to exploit synergies. Existing institutional agribusiness incubators would be strengthened as needed by providing grants.
In this regard, Media Today Group is organizing the 12th edition of AgriTech India 2021, the 9th edition of Poultry & Livestock Expo 2021 and the 10th edition of DairyTech India 2021, a series of international exhibitions on agriculture, agricultural machinery, Poultry and Livestock Equipment, Dairy Machinery and Agricultural Processing Technologies scheduled for October 28-30 at the Bengaluru International Exhibition Center, Bengaluru, India. The exhibition series also includes the 12th edition of India Foodex 2021, the 11th edition of GrainTech India 2021 and the 3rd edition of HRC Expo 2021, an international exhibition on food products, food and grain milling, storage , processing, packaging technologies and food hospitality taking place simultaneously. with the AgriTech India fair.
This exhibition has been recognized for years as the largest food industry exhibition in India. As the organizer of one of the world’s largest agri-food fairs, Media Today Group’s goal is to provide farmers with the latest innovations in production, post-harvest, supply chain and added value. This series of exhibitions will be an eye-opening, momentous and meritorious event for producers, wholesalers, importers, exporters and other stakeholders from all segments related to agriculture, food, dairy, grains and hospitality. food to expand, diversify and popularize their business activities. The event will further add valuable additions to existing technology in the agriculture sector and an ideal space to exchange information, knowledge, views and plans in order to better understand market facts and make the present and future scenario fruitful and profitable. This series will be an ideal platform for business entrepreneurs to display and present their latest product line, mechanization and technological innovations for farmers in one place and add a valuable addition for their sustainability. Agricultural mechanization is known to help increase the production, productivity and profitability of agriculture by ensuring the speed of agricultural operations, providing precision in the counting and placement of inputs, reducing the losses of available inputs. , reducing the unit cost of products, improving the profitability and competitiveness of the operating cost. It is one of the most important contributions to inaugurate the overall development of rural India.
Recognizing the initiative of the United Nations to draw attention to the reduction of loss and waste of produce by announcing 2021 as the “International Year of Fruits and Vegetables” and the efforts of the Indian government to double the income of farmers an ” Indian Greenhouse Growers Conference (IGGC) ”and the 2nd An international conference on“ Automation and Digitization in Food Storage, Handling, Grinding and Processing ”is being held at the same time as AgriTech India 2021 on October 28 and 29 respectively at BIEC, Bangalore.
The “Automation and Digitization in Food Storage, Handling, Grinding and Processing” conference is the second of its kind. This event is supported by Karnataka Roller Flour Mills Association, Poultry Federation of India, Karnataka Poultry Farmers and Breeders Association, Karnataka Progressive Dairy Farmers Association and other trade organizations. This conference promotes automation that guarantees less food loss, better grain handling and added value to the industry.

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