Impact of extreme weather conditions on crops in the Twin Tiers


WATKINS GLEN, NY (WETM) – With temperatures reaching nearly 90 degrees in the Twin Tiers, there are concerns that the region’s crops are suffering from the extreme heat.

Crops are sensitive to weather conditions, so the vast change in conditions has impacted some crops here in the Twin Tiers.

Local Apples and Moore orchard owner Alec Moore, which was previously known as “Reisinger’s Apple Country,” told 18 News that the weather had had a limited impact on crops in the southern region.

“The apples weren’t really affected by the extreme weather conditions and are just as juicy [as normal]”said Alec Moore.

The grapes, on the other hand, suffered some of the impacts.

“Grapes like warmer, drier weather, but could do without all that rain,” said David Stamp, vineyard manager at Lakewood Winery.

Overall, no real difference was seen this growing season, even with extreme weather conditions. There was a difference compared to last year when it was quite hot.

“Overall, yes, I would say yes. A different story from last year, that’s for sure. The high amount of humidity and moderately warm temperatures, not as scorching as last year, made it pleasant. Moore said.

Even though it’s been hot, people are still anxious to go out. The rain, on the other hand, made some people want to stay away. On dry, sunny days, people would go for apples and see the vineyards.


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