“I breastfeed my boyfriend before sex – he finds it exciting but it’s not weird” – The Mirror

Lana Michaels and boyfriend Shawn, who met on vegan dating app, say their kink isn’t ‘weird’ and think there shouldn’t be a taboo surrounding breastfeeding adults

Lana and Shawn started breastfeeding 18 months ago

A mother of two who failed to breastfeed her children started breastfeeding her boyfriend, claiming it put them in the mood for sex.

Lana Michaels, who met her boyfriend Shawn through a vegan dating app, says the practice is the perfect foreplay for them.

Lana, who worked as a teacher, has a seven-year-old daughter and an 11-year-old son from a previous relationship – and when they grew up she failed to breastfeed them.

The couple will star in a Channel 4 documentary, Breastfeeding my Boyfriend, about breastfeeding adults on Monday night, explaining why they chose to breastfeed.

Lana has two children from a previous relationship and breastfed them


lana_ondemand / Instagram)

Lana met Shawn on a dating app for vegans


lana_ondemand / Instagram)

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Lana explains that she and Shawn first experienced breastfeeding 18 months ago, and she claims it creates “physical energy” between them before they have sex.

Now this is such a key part of their sex life, Lana admits she would have a hard time stopping.

Speaking to The Sun, she said, “I breastfed my kids and I really missed the breastfeeding and the feeling.”

Lana explained that she had breastfed her son for eight months and her daughter for two years – so when they grew up, she wished they were still babies.

“I don’t want to have another baby and my kids are way too old to feed now, but I liked the idea of ​​breastfeeding with Shawn,” she explained.

Right before the pandemic, the couple left southern England for a new life in Murcia, Spain – where they began to experiment with their sex lives.

The couple, who have an open relationship, came up with the idea of ​​breastfeeding an adult after doing a foursome with another married couple.

“I had sucked on another woman when I started to feel milk in my mouth. It burned off the sexual idea of ​​breast milk related to sex and it went from there,” Lana explained.

After the experience, Lana researched breastfeeding online and learned that she can restart her milk supply by taking herbal supplements.

Lana now films explicit content for subscribers through her porn business


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She tried them on and three days later her breasts started to flow – so Shawn latched on and gave it a try.

“We have sex about five times a week and Shawn breastfeeds twice a week,” said Lana, explaining that she had increased her cup size to 34D since she started breastfeeding again.

Shawn says being breastfed is both exciting and relaxing.

“The energy flows between us when I breastfeed… it can lead to sex,” he said.

The couple, who are open about their issues, say breastfeeding is just one of the many things they do in the bedroom.

“We play a dad and a daughter, a doctor and a patient or a teacher and a student. We also go to swingers clubs.”

Couple say breastfeeding puts them in the mood for sex


Brian Hayes / Nineteen11)

They also want to show the world that adult breastfeeding is not “weird” and that there shouldn’t be any taboos around it yet.

“There is more of a negative impact in enslaving an animal like a cow than drinking human milk that is made for us,” Shawn explained.

“There is no cruelty or pain in adult breastfeeding. She gets pleasure, I get pleasure, and I get nutrition. She’s happy, I’m happy, so what’s the matter?

Some research has suggested that there may be health benefits of drinking breast milk in adulthood, including treating arthritis, Crohn’s disease, and autism, but research does not. are inconclusive.

The documentary also features Tip and Button


Brian Hayes / Nineteen11)

In 2015, a study from Queen Mary University in London found that many of the reported benefits of consuming breast milk in adulthood do not hold up.

But for Shawn and Lana, the practice is something that they will continue.

The couple, who started a porn business when their plans to teach in Spain were shattered by the lockdown, charge their fans £ 10 a month for five videos a week – some of which feature Shawn’s breastfeeding.

In total, the couple have 700 subscribers and 7,000 users who pay for individual videos.

Lana believes that the platform, Lana on Demand, has increased her confidence.

She said: “As a girl I was really embarrassed about my body and at school I wouldn’t even change in the common locker room but now I feel a lot more confident.”

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