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KATMANDU, October 18: A herd of wild elephants damaged the rice crop of farmers in Shuklaphanta-2 municipality last night.

Elephants, numbering about nine, entered human settlement from the Chure region. “We had harvested the paddy planted on ten acres of land and brought it home for threshing,” said local farmer Raj Kumar Chaudhary. “The elephant herd has eaten all the rice. We are now very lost. “

Chaudhary said the paddy produced in the field was enough for him to feed the whole family all year round. As the elephants have eaten everything, he will now have to buy paddy to support their families. The elephants damaged about five and a half bighas of land from five families.

According to the president of the district Narendra Prasad Chaudhary, the elephants damaged the rice crop of Hira Singh Ghatal, Dan Bahadur Ayer and Kaushila Joshi and ravaged the banana orchard of Manoj Bisht. They also damaged the grounds of a local Siddhabhim Ardash base school and vegetables planted by farmers in Ward 3.

“Farmers have reported that elephants have also caused damage to vegetable crops,” he said. “We will only know the extent of the damage after we have followed up on the damage.” The elephants headed for Shuklaphanta National Park after damaging farmers’ rice crops.

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