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Hello, Portland! And hello to that inanimate object that’s too hot for TikTok:

In any event, here are the headlines.

• Yesterday was the deadline for many Portland officials to get vaccinated against COVID-19. It turns out that 91 percent of workers in the city of Portland are fully immunized and nearly 350 workers have been granted “medical or religious exemptions.” In Portland public schools, 96 percent of employees are vaccinated. The neighborhood goes lose about nine teachers in class who refused to be vaccinated.

• We all know the frustration of a screwed up supply chain right now. In addition to screwing up the national economy, these supply chain issues are also leaving Oregon’s small businesses in deep trouble-from olive oil suppliers to whiskey distillers.

• Wine grapes are one of Oregon’s ten top-grossing crops. So how does climate change, including smoke from wildfires and the thermal dome, impact the state’s wine industry? Find out how surprisingly optimistic industry experts are, and why Pinot Noir is on the verge of extinction, in this fascinating Mercury Food and drink guide piece by writer Janey Wong.

• Speaking of the Food & Drink Guide: we have a lot of good stuff in there! You can find it all here.

• More Oregonians died using the Death With Dignity Act in 2020 than in any other year. State law allows people with a terminal illness to decide whether to end their life peacefully and on their own terms. Recent changes in Oregon Health Authority policies have given more dying Oregon access to life-ending medication.

• The National Parks Service may soon have its first Native American director in its 105-year history, and it has ties to Oregon. Charles F. Sams III, a member of the Confederate Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, was appointed by President Joe Biden in August, and today the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee will meet to discuss his qualifications.

• In Seattle, we know that 24 officers from the Seattle Police Department refused to be vaccinated, despite a mandate from the city obliging them to do so. I would tell you what the numbers are here in Portland, but for some reason cops are exempt from the rules here!

• These fascist creeps were never going to stop at abortion:

• We know how Americans remember Colin Powell, who recently passed away from COVID. But how does he remember the Iraqis? Not good! “Colin Powell is the engineer of the American invasion of Iraq“a Baghdad lawyer told NBC News.” Because of his lies, hundreds of thousands of people were killed, during the invasion or as a result of this brutal action, “an Iraqi teacher told retirement.

• Donald Trump is continuing the House panel on the events of January 6, to prevent them from accessing White House documents it would potentially show just how much he was accomplice. Meanwhile, the panel votes to hold Steve Bannon, an end-to-end Trump ally, for criminal contempt of Congress for refusing to hand over documents or testify before the committee.

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• And finally, here’s a great comic about pants:


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