Heckman Orchards pumps a lot of apple cider


Apple cider from a Poconos farm is flying off the shelves this year. The owner says the weather this past spring and summer has been conducive to a great harvest.

EFFORT, Pa. – The fall has been busy at Heckman Orchards near Effort.

Part of the blame for this year’s apple harvest is, and with good reason.

“These are delicious. I think the best around,” said Dorrance Balliet, Bowmanstown.

This year the apples got bigger and juicier than ever, and that’s great news for cider lovers.

But a lot of work for these guys and girls. The fruits of their labor are flying off the shelves this year, and the demand for this sweet product is not slowing down.

“Yes, it’s been a busy year. It’s been good for us. We’ve had a very good apple harvest and we have a lot of apples. It looks like the demand this year has been very high with our fresh cider. We’ve been squeezing more days than normal just to keep up with all the stuff, ”said Mark Heckman, Heckman Orchards.

On press days, between 900 and a thousand gallons of cider are filled into different sized jugs, the price is stamped and shipped.

Because the orchard has had such a good year, other companies that use cider are reaching out to form a partnership.

“We will be making bulk cider for a few wineries and breweries. Some have ordered up to 3,000 gallons to meet their needs because they said the demand for their products is so high,” Heckman said.

Don’t worry, lots of cider ends up here at the farm stand.

This is where Angela Liero is manager.

She says it’s not every year that the harvest goes like this.

“It’s been a great year for apples. They call it a bumper crop. We have a really big apple crop and a lot of cider to do,” said Angela Liero, Heckman.

Because Heckman Orchards pumps out so much cider and several days a week, the gallon you collect is likely to be hot from the press.

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