Hailstorm hits parts of Kashmir, orchards damaged

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Experts suggest a fresh fungicide spray

Srinagar: Massive hailstorms hit parts of northern and southern Kashmir on Monday afternoon, damaging orchards and other standing crops.

Reports from Tangmarg, Pattan, Baramulla, Mawar, Handwara in North Kashmir and Kulgam in South Kashmir suggest that after the rains, the regions were hit by massive hailstorms.

The hailstorm hit orchards hard and damaged crops. The areas turned white as the ice balls piled up on the ground.

The storm has left orchadists puzzled as they fear it will have a serious impact on fruit production, especially cherry, almond and apricot.

“Even apple production is going to be affected by the hailstorm,” said an orchid.

Director General of Horticulture, Aijaz Ahmad Bhat, while confirming the damage, tweeted: “Heavy hail damage to orchards in Mawar, Handwara, Tangmarg, Pattan, Baramulla and Kulgam.”

Meanwhile, the horticulture department has advised orchadists to opt for a fresh spray of trees after the hailstorm.

“Orchards affected by today’s hailstorm in different districts of Kmr Valley can spray fungicide immediately after (per 100 liters of water).

“Zineb 68% + Hexaconazole 4% 72wp (100g) or Mancozeb gold/Matiram & urea 200g per 100 liters of water,” Horticulture General Manager Aijaz Ahmad Bhat tweeted.

A scene from Tangmarg after Monday afternoon’s hailstorm. Photo/ Cashmere Images

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