Hailstorm damages orchards in Budgam village

Hailstorm damages orchards in Budgam village

Have the damage assessed immediately: DHO

posted on Sep 11, 2022 | Author Syeda Rafiyah

Srinagar, September 10: TFriday’s rains and hailstorm damaged orchards in the Sitharan village of Khag in Budgam, residents said.

Farmers in the village lamented that a hailstorm that lasted 25 minutes on Friday evening, coupled with heavy rains, damaged orchards in the village.

Abdul Aziz, an arborist from Sitharan village, said the hailstorm damaged apple orchards, different varieties of fruits, maize crops and also affected vegetable gardens in the area.

“When a hailstorm hits the apple, the damage is identified a bit later. The horticulture department should inspect the village and assess the damage. Our area is prone to heavy rains and such hailstorms “, did he declare.

However, Budgam District Horticulture Officer (DHO) Muhammad Iqbal said a light hailstorm was reported in the village on Friday night and there was 5-10% damage (provisional ).

He said they will assess the appropriate percentage of damage to apple orchards and fruit. He said he asked relevant officials to produce assessment reports and go to the field.

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