Grape Stomp Celebration at Landry Vineyards scheduled for August 28 in West Monroe

WEST MONROE, LA (KNOE) – Landry Vineyards is hosting their annual Grape Trample Celebration on Saturday, August 28. They celebrate the harvest of Blanc Du Bois grapes in the cellar.

It’s a family-friendly event with music from Avery Michaels and outing 209 as well as food prepared by local caterers. The band will perform from 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., but people can arrive early with a picnic blanket or a chair to choose their spot on the grass.

Ladies can dress as Lucille Ball from the famous Grape Stomp episode of “I Love Lucy” and enter a lookalike contest.

Co-owners Jeff and Libby Landry say they’ve been celebrating trampling for years.

“Originally it started as a way to bring the harvest so people would come out, help us harvest the grapes, and then we had a party afterwards. This is how we started from the start. And then, over the years, we’re now being harvested mechanically, ”said Landry.

He says that even though the public is no longer involved in the harvest, they still have the event to celebrate and show people what is grown locally. Landry Vineyards produces approximately 40,000 gallons of wine per year from grapes adapted to our growing conditions.

“It helps us celebrate the grapes we grow so people can get to know the grapes. It is also a promotion of the grape. We need to market and show that we can grow successfully here in northern Louisiana, ”Landry said.

Guests will be able to trample grapes during the concert and take a wagon ride through the vineyards. Wine tastings will also be offered.

Entrance at the door: $ 10 for adults, $ 5 for 13-18 years old, 12 years old and under, free entry.

On September 11, there will be another celebration of the trampling of their red grapes.

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