Glei’s orchards and greenhouses in Coldwater, MI have been sold

It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions for residents of the Coldwater area since Glei’s Orchards and Greenhouses announced they had gone into receivership in December 2021. Family-owned Glei has been serving the Hillsdale area for more than 100 years and its Coldwater store has been open since 2014. After the recent sale, what’s next for Glei’s?

Glei’s story

What started in 1918 with 50 apple trees has grown into a family business with over 300 acres of land and 2 retail greenhouses. The Glei family battled two building fires, climate change and tough economic times, but sadly the Coldwater location succumbed to outside forces.

For sale

In May 2022, Glei shared some tough news on Facebook saying,

For those who don’t already know, Les Vergers et Serres de Glei went into receivership in December 2021…​​The business is currently for sale. If we can find a buyer for the business Dad thinks all the debt can be paid off… We hope to find a buyer who is willing and able to continue to serve the community in the way you have come to expect for over 100 years.

Since that announcement, the Glei family has continued to oversee day-to-day operations while focusing on tending their apple trees to ensure a good fall harvest. Glei’s also had to temporarily close its original Hillsdale location for the summer in hopes of reopening in time for the fall apple harvest on September 1, 2022.


Residents of Coldwater noticed that the sign outside Glei’s recently changed to “Sold” in mid-July and are now speculating about the fate of the old orchard. Here’s what locals had to say:

  • “It’s such good news that it’s been sold and it was a great place to shop and does anyone know what’s going on in there?” -Donna Scott
  • “I know the new owner, she has no interest in pottery or growing cannabis. Future plans for the building will be announced very soon!” -Steven Wallen
  • “A cellar would be fantastic!” -Brandie Landis
  • “Hope it’s better than Gleis….. Looking for more of a Horrocks store.” – Chris Hoover Robey

I’m surprised no one guessed a Dollar General! Whatever the new plans for the Coldwater location, residents are eager to hear the plans for the old greenhouse. And as for the original Hillsdale Glei’s, it looks like they have a tough road ahead of them, but hopefully they have a successful apple harvest and can reopen in time for some family fun at autumn !

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