Floods damage up to 91% of minor crops

Minor crops including oilseeds, pulses, vegetables and orchards spanning thousands of hectares have been destroyed due to the recent unprecedented monsoon rains and widespread flooding in the country.

Flash floods destroyed about 55% of oilseed crops in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province as the crop was grown on 432 acres during the current season, an official with the Ministry of National Food Security and Research said.

Speaking to APP here on Friday, he said that of the total area under oilseeds, about 237 acres were damaged in the province, while the floods subsided, different vegetables grown on 938 acres in the province.

More than 2% of orchards over 98 acres were also destroyed, he said, adding that 26% of pulses grown on 863 acres were also damaged due to flooding.
In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 91% of dates were damaged as 2,556 acres of date production were destroyed due to a recent calamity, he said, adding that 6% of the tobacco crop had also been damaged. been damaged.

Meanwhile, in Balochistan, orchards of over 21,960 acres were damaged in the recent floods, while various seasonal vegetables grown on 14,882 acres were also destroyed.
The official further informed that the flood also damaged date palms growing on 101,379 acres in Sindh, adding that Kharif chillies grown on 29,622 acres were also destroyed.

Onion crops over 42,268 acres were damaged due to recent floods, he said Sindh onion was an important cash crop and a vital source to meet domestic needs.
Meanwhile, tomatoes grow over 12,101 acres and Kharif vegetables on 30,718 acres have also been damaged due to recent floods and rains due to which the prices of these commodities have spiked.

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