Farming Simulator 22: Best Crops

Win a game like Farming Simulator 22 takes a lot of understanding and practice. It’s a relatively long game to play, but one that keeps many players entertained for hours. All it takes is a few good machines and a few well planted crops to watch the time go by and the money flow in.

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However, there are over 14 different crops to choose from and only limited space to plant them. That’s why it’s important to prioritize certain crops to get the most benefit for the least amount of space and time spent maintaining them.


ten Sugar beet

Although it can take a little time to plant, sugar beets are easily one of the most profitable crops to have in Farming Simulator 22. This is mainly due to the relatively low cost of purchasing seeds initially and the fact that players will only need to purchase them once.

Sugar beets will not need to be replanted once harvested, making them an extremely profitable crop in the long run. It may take a while to collect the money, but since there are very few costs, it makes sense to have a few around the farm.

9 Potatoes

Potatoes are surprisingly one of the most expensive crops to buy in this farming game. However, it is not how much players spend on harvesting but rather how much they get out of it. In the case of Potatoes, it’s worth doing.

The reward players will get from this harvest will earn them far more than what they spend on the initial planting. It has an excellent payoff and is easy to plant and maintain. Because of all this, growing potatoes is relatively beginner-friendly and an excellent plant to favor.

8 Grapes

Grapes are one of the most difficult crops to plant in Farming Simulator 22. It takes a precise hand and the right measurements of the field to expertly optimize the profit from the grapes, but once this has been mastered, it is well worth the effort.

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Interestingly, this is one of the most entertaining and busy crops to harvest. There are many things that will keep the farmer on their toes throughout. Another extremely useful element is the fact that, similar to sugar beets, this crop will not need to be replanted.

seven Grass

Weed is often known as one of the quickest and most profitable crops in Farming Simulator 22. It is also considered one of the most useful and is something that newbie players should prioritize throughout the game. This is mainly because it can be used for food, fuel or profit and that he will succeed in most of these elements.

It has a good profit, but the main reason for the need to plant this crop is due to the notion that players will need to craft fuel and food for their animals if they choose to have any.

6 Cotton

If profit is the primary goal of this simulator, then Cotton is the one players should plant as soon as they can. It can be crafted into clothing for a bit more money and is easily one of the most profitable crops to source.

The only real downside is the cost of both buying, planting and harvesting. The early game makes it relatively difficult to prioritize this crop even though the profit is so high. If players like to take risks, renting the equipment required for it might be worth it.

5 olives

The same way sugar cane and grapes work, players will not need to replant olives once they have been placed on a field. Again, this takes a bit of precision, but these are the kinds of crops players can plant with relative ease and expect a decent profit without too much work.

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When it comes to profits, olives are just below cotton, but for the price of an orchard, profits should fall into farmers’ pockets. Although they are a bit expensive to plant initially.

4 oats

Oats have multiple uses and are one of the best crops players should prioritize when starting out Farming Simulator 22. After all, oats can be used for profit, as animal bedding and form a large part of manure production, allowing the farmer to get the most out of the crop.

Profit itself produces both oats and straw at harvest, allowing for a multitude of uses and the type of crop where farmers get all they paid for, especially when the crop itself is not too expensive to plant in the first place.

3 Barley

With a cheap initial purchase cost and a profitable harvest, barley is one of the easiest crops to work with. It has a few uses and fetches a pretty penny for any farmer looking to buy a brand new tractor.

The only real problem is the fact that it has a fairly slow growth rate, often taking a long time to be completely ready for harvest. So, although it brings a lot of uses and benefits, if money is the main goal, there are faster options.

2 Wheat

Wheat itself is undeniably one of the easiest crops to plant, maintain and harvest. It is the most suitable for beginners of the 14 cultures available in Farming Simulator 22 but will still bring a net profit and can also be used for other elements of the farm.

It can be used to create flour that sells well, Chaff, or the player can feed it to their animals if they choose to have them on the farm. Nonetheless, along with a by-product of straw, wheat has a vast amount of uses and is vital for any farmer.

1 Rapeseed

Canola is one of the cheapest crops to buy in Farming Simulator 22. This makes it one of the most accessible and the best choice for a beginner looking to learn how the game works without spending a lot of money.

Canola can also be processed into canola oil at the factory, allowing players to learn a little more about the production side of the game while still managing to generate a useful and relatively high profit from the base crop or oil itself.

Farming Simulator 22 is currently available on PC, macOS, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Stadia.

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