Farmers must avoid setting rice residues on fire

FAISALABAD – Farmers have been advised to avoid setting rice residues on fire, as this also causes environmental degradation and smog in winter.

A spokesperson for the Agriculture (Extension) Department said on Saturday that farmers used to set leftover rice on fire after it was harvested because they considered it an easy and inexpensive way to remove the residue. crop, but on the other hand, their action causes serious damage to organic matter in the earth.

The smoke from the paddy husks also creates air pollution which reciprocally causes smog during the winter, while also posing a danger of adverse effects on human life, soil fertility, standing crops, orchards and vegetables. Therefore, rice farmers should refrain from setting the husks and residues of their crops on fire after harvest.

He further said that the smoke from burning rice crops also caused traffic accidents, which also claimed precious lives. plow. Mixing paddy husks into the soil not only increases the fertility of the land, but also decreases the need for urea fertilizer by up to 50 percent, he added.

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