Elementary students rejoice to harvest school’s first week summer crops

Six-year-old Pippa-Jo Murffit with the tomatoes in the greenhouse

Pupils at St Mary’s Primary School, Mucklestone, near Market Drayton, were eager to see how their fruit and vegetables had grown over the summer holidays.

It comes after students and staff worked hard to prepare the ground and, with the help of staff members, planted fresh produce, including tomatoes in the greenhouse.

Tom Braithwaite, 10; Pippa-Jo Murffit, six; Penelope Nixon, eight; and Jack Vodrey, 10, with their fruits and vegetables

The school grounds once housed an orchard and vegetable garden, so staff and students are surrounded by fruit trees and space to grow fruits, vegetables and flowers.

The idea came from a parent who wanted to develop the school’s vegetable garden and the students wanted to weed and tidy the area in preparation for something new.

Clare Hill, Head of St Mary’s Primary School, said: “One of the first things the pupils wanted to see when they got back to school was the garden and all the wonderful things that had grown.

Tom Braithwaite, 10, with sweet corn

“They were excited to pick and harvest them. It was part of our science curriculum. Some of the children have parents who are avid gardeners and were very excited about having a school garden.

“We think it’s great for the children to learn how to grow plants and take care of them. It has been good for the well-being to spend time outside in the garden and watch it grow.

Penelope Nixon, 8, and Jack Vodrey, 10

“The staff at St Mary’s see this as an important life skill which will bring them great pleasure. We were delighted with our harvest of beans, courgettes, cucumbers, tomatoes and raspberries.

“The maize is not ready yet, but we are looking forward to harvesting it. »

The students have grown so much fresh produce that staff are now planning to hold a fruit and vegetable sale outside the school this month to raise money for the Friends Parent-Teacher Association.

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