Dry summer weather could harm pumpkin crops | Berks Regional News

Dry summer weather can hurt some favorite fall crops like pumpkins, but local farmers are trying to stay optimistic.

In less than three weeks, pumpkin season will officially be here, and local farmer Josh Grim says he’s been waiting for it all year.

“I’m really excited for this year, like I said, we haven’t really done a lot of capital improvements like in the past, so we’ve been able to tweak a lot of things,” he said. .

At Grim’s Orchard and Family Farms, visitors will have the opportunity to pick pumpkins, take hay rides and sample seasonal dishes. And while there’s still plenty to do before opening day, weather conditions are a major concern at this time of year.

“This year as we all know we have just had 7-8 weeks of fairly dry weather, luckily we have plenty of irrigation including pipes and pumps in place. We are growing 25 acres of mixed pumpkins there. and we have free ponds and irrigation systems, but our harvest load is not as heavy as last year,” Grim said.

Farmers say pumpkins usually reach full size in 45 days, but dry weather has produced fewer this year. To combat this, Wilcox Farms in Boyertown plans to bring a cart of pre-picked pumpkins to its customers.

“The biggest issue is always the weather, it’s something you can’t control, with this year it’s been a really hot year and not a lot of rain,” said Steve Schultz, owner of Wilcox Farms.

Despite the weather, Grim says his staff will still be available to help families pick their vegetables and enjoy fall treats and entertainment before the opening next week.

“We are over here. We are still getting registrations this week, but I think this year we will be in better shape than before for opening day,” said Grim.

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