Donington Farm is looking to diversify into poultry with plans for six sheds

An agricultural business looking to diversify has planned the construction of six chicken coops.

WrayTrading Ltd are hoping to get into brolier farming with arable crops and have applied for the establishment of chicken coops and associated infrastructure on land at Gibbet Fen, Fen Road, Donington.

If plans are approved, the site would have a capacity of 330,000 birds.

Scheduling apps (54988369)

The app’s design and access statement says the farm business plans would have a social and environmental role.

He says: “The proposed development is a modern and efficient livestock production unit designed to meet a modern demand for inexpensive and environmentally produced feed. It therefore contributes to food production and national food security in a sustainable manner. It represents an effective increase in UK food production in a way that makes optimum use of increasingly scarce resources and without harming the environment.

“The proposal will increase the supply of poultry meat, reducing the need for imports and thus reducing food miles. The proposed development is within easy reach of local poultry processors and well within the 50 mile limit for live bird transport set by major food retailers.

Plans include six olive-green sheds, which measure 109.722m x 24.384m with an eave height of 2.5m, and two three-bedroom bungalows.

The statement reads: “The broilers are reared for approximately 38 days, after which the poultry buildings are cleaned in preparation for the next batch of birds.

“The buildings are empty for cleaning and preparation for 10 days at the end of the cultivation cycle.

“The proposed unit will operate with up to 7.5 herds per year.”

Access to the site will be via existing access to the land at the A52 and the statement states that the proposed development will generate 780 commercial vehicle visits (1,560 movements) per year.

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