December Business Update: What’s New in the Poultry World?

We’re keeping our finger on the pulse and bringing you a full rundown of the latest business updates from the global poultry industry in December.

December Business Update: What's New in the Poultry World?

Royal Pas Reform launches largest hatchery in Kyrgyzstan

AgroKush, the largest poultry production company in Kyrgyzstan, has selected integrated one-step hatchery systems from Reform of the Pas Royal for its new broiler hatchery in the Issyk Kul region. The new facility includes a hatchery and henhouses, as well as a new feed plant and slaughterhouse with a capacity of 3,000 birds per hour. The initial meat production capacity will be 8,500 tonnes live weight per year, reaching 20,000 tonnes per year when the second phase is implemented.

Tibot launches the T-Moov poultry robot

After 4 years of marketing its first robot, Tibot technologies, the Rennes agritech start-up, presents T-Moov, which circulated in the building 24/7 to stimulate the natural activity of birds. It relieves the breeder of this repetitive task, while reducing stress in birds and improving their health, says the company. T-Moov starts with 2 buttons and does not require any technical installation, and yet it adapts to breeding, whether the birds are turkeys, breeding hens or layers.

Photo: Tibot

Photo: Tibot

Danisco Animal Nutrition Enviva Pro approved for use in turkeys

Danisco Animal Nutrition has received clearance from the European Commission to extend the use of Enviva Pro, a multi-strain probiotic, to the European turkey production market. Europe is one of the largest turkey production markets in the world, just behind the United States, Germany, France, Poland, Italy and Spain accounting for 90% of the global production of the region. First launched in the United States in 2008, the probiotic, which blends 3 probiotic strains of Bacillus, is currently in use in more than 50 countries.

Trouw Nutrition’s NutriOpt on-site advisor wins the innovation award

The NutriOpt on-site advisor received the Innovative Agricultural Product 2021 award in the Food and Food Additives category in Poland. The award is an initiative of “Farmer”, an agricultural platform in Poland. Marcin Galiński, MD at Nutrition Poland, received the award. The NutriOpt on-site advisor is a combination of a portable NIR scanner, a mobile app and a connection to the NutriOpt nutritional database. Samples of food ingredients can be measured on site and the information helps farmers optimize their ration.

Signify unveils dynamic lighting system for poultry

Marketed under the name ONCE NatureDynamics, Mean introduced a dynamic lighting system to improve the welfare of poultry. Gradual changes in color and intensity of light throughout the day optimize the circadian rhythm of chickens and reduce stress in chickens, improving their health and farmers’ yields.

Photo: Signify

Photo: Signify

Nutreco finalizes the acquisition of Danish Nutrimin

Danish producer of agricultural minerals, Nutrimine, was officially acquired and became part of the animal nutrition division of Nutreco, Nutritionon December 1, 2021. This acquisition will give the company more access to Danish and Danish farms in Eastern Europe and Russia.

AB Agri launches a new food safety academy

AB Agri associated with GMP + International to launch a new online training academy for food chain professionals to improve safety in the global feed industry. The new platform offers training in feed safety management to companies, teams, individuals, certified trainers and consultants. The GMP + Academy online platform will include modules, webinars, e-learning materials, videos, events, databases and fact sheets.

House Wellness Foods Feed LP20 is effective in study

In a recent to study, the researchers fed young striped catfish a diet supplemented with heat-killed Lactobacillus plantarum strain L-137, the active ingredient in LP20 power supply. The process of thermal destruction uses the characteristics of the strain, hardens the bacillary cell walls and fixes their genetic material. Marketing of feed LP20 has recently started in the EU as a complementary feed for poultry, pigs and salmonids.

UGA inaugurates a new scientific poultry complex

the University of Georgia innovated on the site of a new technologically advanced poultry scientific complex in Athens. The estimated US $ 54.1 million project will increase the educational, research and collaborative capacity supporting Georgia’s poultry industry.

CP Foods reaffirms its commitment to a sustainable corn supply

As part of a strict procurement policy with the motto “no mountain, no combustion, we buy”, Charoen Pokphand Foods (CP Foods) maintains its policy of purchasing only 100% traceable corn from sustainable sources that is not damaged in forest areas or burned for subsequent planting activities. With this principle, the company only buys corn from corn growers who can identify planting areas with 100% legal land titles. CP Foods also guarantees that they will get a fair price for their crops, based on the quality of the product.

Photo: CP Foods

Photo: CP Foods

Le Pain Quotidien is committed to cage-free eggs

International bakery chain, The Daily Bread, has pledged to become 100% cage-free by 2025. This means that all Le Pain Quotidien stores, in locations as diverse as Hong Kong, Brazil, Germany, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the United States, will only use cage-free eggs. to this date.

Kroger launches carbon neutral eggs

The Kroger Co. grocery chain has partnered with Kipster Farms, an egg production company founded in the Netherlands, to bring carbon-neutral eggs to retail shelves in the United States in late 2022 under Kroger’s Simple Truth brand.

New breed of white feathered chickens officially approved in China

The new breed of white feathered broilers SZ901 has officially passed the validation of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

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