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Wenatchee, WA – CMI Orchards BB #: 134183 today announced that the company has advanced several positions within the company as it prepares for a period of phenomenal growth.

CIM President, Bob Mast, shared his vision for the company with these changes. “Our business continues to evolve, grow and become increasingly complex. To meet these exciting challenges, our leaders bring a proven track record of success, as they adapt to the changing needs of our business, growers and customers and overcome challenges with creative and innovative solutions at the cutting edge of industry. Consistent with this charge, I am delighted to announce the creation of two new positions and two additional promotions that best position the company to navigate our impending growth,” he said. “The CMI family is delighted with this latest series of promotions recognizing the exemplary work of some of our leaders.”

The company announced by Robb Myers promoted to Vice President of Business Development from his former position as Director of Sales, as he takes a more active role in retail strategy and the overall growth of the company. “Robb has been a mainstay of CMI for 33 years, his first day of employment coinciding with the day the company was founded in 1989,” Mast explained. “Before joining CMI, Robb came from the purchasing world. Over the past three decades, he has firmly consolidated his industry knowledge through his direct sales experience and retail network. »

Mast explained that Robb’s work to establish club apple programs has helped position CMI as an industry leader for new varietals and notable brands – a position that CMI continues to uphold with a comprehensive manifesto that includes: Ambrosia Gold, KIKU, Kanzi, Envy, Jazz, Smitten, EverCrisp, Sunrise Magic, Cosmic Crisp and Skylar Rae.

“As CMI’s longest serving employee, I have been involved in most aspects of our business since day one. It’s amazing to see where we’ve come from and where we’re going as we enter this new chapter of CMI’s growth. I couldn’t be more invigorated by the exciting things we’re doing to pave the way for the future. As well as continuing to coach and guide the team through the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, I look forward to immersing myself in global strategies with leading retail partners, linking internal activities between our sales and marketing departments and ultimately helping to guide CMI’s business through this exciting next chapter.

CMI Vice President of Marketing, George Hartertransitions to a strategic role within the company, helping drive new projects forward as a new Vice President of Special Projects. Mr. Mast said, “This position will allow George to advance some of CMI’s key initiatives, guiding strategy with select retail projects and business growth plans.

Mast raved about the last 5 years he worked with Harter at CMI, “George has done an amazing job leading marketing initiatives helping to build and grow successful programs and innovations using his keen sense of retail, which includes learnings from his former career in retail. As Vice President of Special Projects, George will lead the company into new business opportunities by creating avenues for continued growth.”

Harter said, “Having spent most of my career in retail, I have enjoyed leading supply-side marketing for the past five and a half years. CMI’s dynamic processes and exceptional products, people and services are second to none,” he said. “This opportunity to help drive meaningful initiatives and projects that bring efficiency and value to both CMI and our retail partners, is a huge honor.”

CMI - Rochelle Bohm CMI brand manager, Rochelle Bohm took the reins from George Harter as the new Vice President of Marketingg. Bohm joined CMI in 2013 as a Creative Lead and guided the company through a rebrand in 2016 as it transitioned to Brand Manager. “Rochelle is a force of nature with a thirst for innovation,” said Mast. “Over the past 9 years, Bohm has built a portfolio of successful, award-winning marketing programs and brands, producing some of the most innovative packaging and marketing campaigns, paving CMI’s path to tremendous growth.”

Bohm’s grew up in the apple country of New Zealand and eventually landed in Alaska where she led the political and marketing activities of Copper River salmon for Alaska’s oldest commercial fishing syndicate. Bohm joined CMI Orchards when she moved to Washington State in 2013, trading one healthy food item for another: salmon for apples.

Bohm is excited about the future and looks forward to building on the solid work of her predecessors, including George Harter, Steve Lutz and Bob Mast. “This is an incredible time to lead CMI’s marketing department into a future full of opportunity,” Bohm said. “North West Fruit Trees offers one of the most complex categories in the produce aisle with so many new brands, packaging and varieties. Understand how to succeed in retail, how to innovate with executable and easy-to-market solutions, develop new sustainable packaging as the need for automation grows, and programs that grab consumer attention and drive consumption, are all key areas. for CMI’s marketing as we enter this new chapter. I am both extremely honored and thrilled to have the opportunity to take our business to the next level by tapping into the many talents of CMI’s phenomenally skilled team to bring to market the fabulous fruit that our owners and growers entrust to us.

CMI - Danielle HuberCMI Marketing Specialist, Danielle Huberwill take on a strategic management role as a new Senior Marketing Manager. Danelle joined CMI in 2017 with a broad skill set honed by her work at the Washington Apple Commission, Van Doren Sales and her legal experience at Jeffers, Danielson, Sonn and Alyward.

Mast shared that Huber will continue to advance relationships with our retail customers and manage marketing operations such as data reporting, omnichannel solutions, in addition to sales visits and trade shows. “Danelle is a natural project manager who excels at building relationships and facilitating meaningful retail programs and strategies,” Mast described. “Danelle will continue her excellent work of providing exceptional service and support with a solution-focused approach, energetic spirit and innovative thinking. »

Huber is excited for the opportunity to work more closely with CMI’s retail partners and focus on creative, data-driven strategies within the category. “Working alongside some of the most talented people in the industry has given me insight into the many different areas of the agri-commodity world,” she shared. “My experience from representing our Washington growers in export markets to understanding how creating a world-class packaging line works has given me extensive and invaluable experience in some of the unique nuances of the tree industry I am anxious and eager to work hand in hand with CMI’s customers to continue to maintain the interest and growth of the apple, pear and cherry categories.

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CMI Orchards is one of Washington State’s largest growers, shippers and packers of apples, pears, cherries, apricots and organic produce. Based in Wenatchee, WA, CMI Orchards delivers exceptional fruit across the United States and exports to over 60 countries worldwide.

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