Carbon neutral eggs in a storm

Retailer Morrisons has launched its first low environmental impact store in Little Clacton, Essex, which will be the first to trial the company’s carbon neutral eggs. The 320,000 free-range hens on 10 farms are fed insects and a complementary diet of British beans, peas and sunflower seeds.

Eco-Friendly Eggs That “Will Cost The Earth Nothing”

This follows Sainsbury’s announcement in the fall to stock a carbon-neutral brand of eggs. The eco-friendly eggs come from white hens that aren’t fed soy, with the replacement beans ground up on site to reduce the miles of food needed to feed the birds. White birds live 40% longer than brown hens and consume less food, all contributing to a lower environmental impact.

Faba beans and crops are direct sown, which means the soil is not plowed. In addition to reducing tractor movements, reducing fuel consumption, it significantly reduces soil compaction.

Certified Purely Organic Carbon Neutral

Meanwhile, the UK’s largest free-range egg producer, Noble Foods, has announced that its Purely Organic brand has been certified carbon neutral by the Carbon Trust.

The egg brand, which is the company’s fastest growing product and sold in Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores, has 18% of the organic egg market and new carbon neutral branded packaging will be available on supermarket shelves from the end of July.

Glenn Evans, Noble Foods Group Environmental Manager, said buyers felt sustainability was extremely important: “Therefore, we believe it is our responsibility to step forward in the market in terms of reduction in carbon emissions, to ensure a more sustainable future for customers and producers. ”

The Carbon Trust said it always tries to make it easier for customers to buy more sustainably: “We are happy to share that we have certified Noble Foods Purely Organic eggs as carbon neutral,” he said. on Twitter.

Research by Promar International has recently revealed that when tested, the total emissions per kg of eggs amounted to 3.24 kg CO2/KG of eggs, based on the Eggbase carbon calculator.

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