Biotalys’ first protein biocontrol appears in the vines

Based on data from the latest grape trials in vineyards in various climates of California and New York, Biotalys’ Evoca biocontrol product provided superior preventative control of Botrytis bunch rot in grapevines by compared to the chemical standard. Approval is estimated within this year.

Biotalys, the agricultural technology company (AgTech) in Ghent (Belgium) and listed on EURONEXT (Euronext – BTLS) develops protein-based biocontrol solutions protecting crops and food. The company has unveiled promising results from its latest field trials with its Evoca™ biocontrol. In 2021, an extensive program of 150 trials was conducted to further support Evoca’s regulatory dossier in the EU and to refine the product’s market positioning in the United States. Trials showed that when applied at the bloom stage in a Botrytis control program (see photo) on the vine, Evoca consistently outperformed a leading chemical fungicide. From the company’s perspective, this demonstrates Evoca’s potential as an essential tool in the fight against Botrytis, a costly and often devastating fungal disease.

“Our field trial program continues to demonstrate the intrinsic strength of our first Evoca protein-based biocontrol. The latest results provide clear insight into ideal product positioning, highlighting a distinct business opportunity for Biotalys to position Evoca in a grower’s integrated pest management rotation,” said Patrice Sellès, CEO of Biotalys. “Bringing biocontrol solutions, like Evoca, into the hands of growers is essential for the transition to safer and more sustainable farming practices. Studying the results in the field helps us develop best practices for how and when to add biocontrols into the traditional protectant mix so growers can confidently use the right program and inputs at the right time based on unique needs of their cultures.

When replaced with a leading chemical fungicide at the bloom stage in a commercial rotation of “benchmark” chemical fungicides, Evoca provided significantly more effective control of Botrytis in grapes at harvest. Indeed, the Evoca program suppressed the severity of bunch rot symptoms by about 73% compared to the untreated regimens, compared to only 54% for the rotational program with only chemical fungicides.

Biotalys’ AGROBODY Foundry™ platform gives rise to a new protein-based biofungicide, where a comparable screening process is applied as for antibodies in human health. The company has several products in early development, Evoca is the leader close to approval. It has demonstrated strong performance in more than 600 independent and company-led field and greenhouse trials across multiple regions, climates, soil types, production types, pathogen pressure and crops to date. Now, as the company says, Evoca is on track to gain U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval later this year, while EU regulatory approval is pending. expected by the end of 2024.

“As resistance to conventional crop protection solutions continues to grow, growers are looking for new, effective yet sustainable ways to protect their yields, soil health, livelihoods and ecosystem,” said Carlos Reyes. , Field Development Manager at California-based Biotalys.

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