BioMiMetiC and MesFruits collaborate to recover waste from apple orchards by entomoconversion

After three years of research into the recovery of bio-waste, Damien Sabatier, head of BioMiMetiC, launched his very first industrial demonstrator in Boulbon in the Bouches-du-Rhône.

The first targets are agri-food by-products and waste from agricultural production. MesFruits and its manager François Mestre have chosen to collaborate with BioMiMetiC in order to recover the production waste generated by their farm in Vaucluse.

The principle of the industrial demonstrator consists of raising black soldier fly larvae in order to complete the bio-waste recovery cycle in just a few days. “In practice, this means that we fill crates with apple waste that has already been mixed with a crusher. We add the larvae which will grow 30 times in 15 days. After these two weeks, we only have the larvae left, which will be used as animal feed and their excrement will be used as natural fertilizer. It is a true example of circular economy! “, explains Hugo Mestre of MesFruits.

A new version of an ancestral process, this method leaves no residue unexploited. The proteins produced will be used as food for farmed fish in the harbor of Toulon and the fertilizers will be distributed in the apple orchards of the company MesFruits.

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