Automated actinide orchards

The number of farms turning to automation is increasing, regardless of the crops planted. Among the most widely used systems on the market is Irrifarm, an innovative and modular smartbox, useful for remotely managing and monitoring irrigation, fertigation and sensors in the fields.

One of the latest systems installed by Pan Agri, developer and assembler of the aforementioned system, concerns the actinidia of an agricultural company located in Scanzano Jonico (Matera). We talked about it with the owner Graziano Lascaro.

From left to right: Graziano Lascaro (farmer) and Bernardo Grieco (Pan Agri)

“The planting of my two yellow kiwi plants was completed a few days ago. These crops cover a total area of ​​5 hectares, a few kilometers from each other. Being also strawberry, with about 16 hectares invested, I need to optimize the time and use of labor I have always been fascinated by the idea of ​​programming the main agronomic activities remotely, because it is an operation that I I can easily perform from my smartphone, anywhere, without having to rely on my collaborators, who could be employed on other more urgent tasks. Automation is becoming almost mandatory for those, like me, who do not only work on a branch of the company, but have several lands which, although located in the same area, are far from being one and the other”.

Irrifarm system to manage one of the two factories

“In addition to full irrigation and fertigation monitoring, my Irrifarm system also includes a condition-based program for cooling and humidification, thanks to the dual irrigation system: a drip system, with which irrigation and fertigation are carried out, and a sprinkler I can have constant monitoring of the humidity in the field thanks to multi-level sensors buried at 3 different depths: 10, 30 and 50 cm Radio devices mounted in different areas of the terrain facilitate the monitoring of the humidity and the interior temperature recorded under the cover. The monitoring is carried out by the weather station installed above the Smartbox.

Peripheral radio field unit for remote control of soil moisture, temperature and air humidity at multiple levels

All the management of irrigation and fertigation is done according to time and volume. The farmer can decide when, how much water to supplement and the dosage (liters per cubic meter of nutrient solution) to administer to the crop.

Smartbox, internal components

The Irrifarm system is distributed exclusively in Italy by Netafim under the Netafarm brand.

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