Arrowhead Spring Vineyards regroup after severe storm

LOCKPORT, NY – Western New York has seen its fair share of stormy weather this summer, and for some it has caused immense damage.

The owners of Arrowhead Spring Vineyards are regrouping after their grapes were trampled by hail.

What do you want to know

  • Tuesday’s storm caused severe damage to Arrowhead Spring Vineyards
  • The co-owner claims that the crop suffered a loss of around 70%
  • People showed an outpouring of support

“I grew up on a farm and said farming was the last thing I would do,” said Robin Ross, co-owner of Arrowhead Spring Vineyards. “I was a software engineer for 20 years. My husband was in IT. It was really his dream to have a cellar. At one point he was talking about waiting for us to retire. But farming is hard work, so we started long before retirement.

Ross says she really enjoys her job, but there are ups and downs. The latter happened this week.

“The grapes have done well this year,” Ross explained. “We had a very good harvest. Then Tuesday we had a thunderstorm. It was just phenomenal. In less than two hours we had nearly five inches of rain. It was really the hail that caused the most damage.

She says the crop suffered a loss of about 70%, adding that this grape crop would have been used to make wine two years later. She and her husband can buy grapes from other producers. Although the storm damage was a setback and a financial blow, Ross is trying to focus on the positive.​​

“It was a bad incident,” Ross said. “But we got support from fellow farmers and neighbors and people who asked if we were okay.”

Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt and Assemblymen Angelo Morinello and Mike Norris sent a letter requesting coordination between the New York State Office of Emergency Management and Lockport, Niagara Falls and the County of Niagara. This is in regards to the recent flash flooding in Western New York.

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