Apple picking thin, other crops thrive this season in the Carolinas

CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – As we start to have cooler mornings here in the Charlotte area, local farms are gearing up for one of their busiest times of the year.

Between sunflowers, pumpkins and apples, fall usually means a lot of produce ripe for picking, but this year farmers are asking you to be realistic about what you’ll find in the apple orchard.

The owners of Carrigan Farm in Moorseville told FOX 46 that pickings would be a bit thin for apples after a severe frost in the spring killed or damaged flowers across the state.

Terrell Chestnut, who heads the farm’s marketing and public relations, said of apple picking: “In April we had a little cold snap and it kind of affected the harvest. We’ve been open a few days this week, depending on how it looks early next week, it could be something we’re doing.

The farm is also known for its summer swimming career, which is still going strong for freestyle until September 26.

“In the heat, most people ask us to swim,” Chestnut said.

He added that they were starting to see more people going out for fall activities, especially with the sunflowers blooming right now.

“We planted it in waves, so every week or so we should have a new bloom throughout October, then once October we are full of pumpkins. We will be doing pumpkin picking which includes a hay walk and picking a pumpkin on the vine, in addition to our haunted trail which runs on weekend nights in October. ”

While the apple harvest hasn’t turned out as robust as the farm would have liked, Chestnut said their pumpkins are still a safe bet.

“We have a bunch of pumpkins this year, we know it went really well. We can use the water from the quarry to irrigate parts of the land, so we never have to worry about drought or periods of drought affecting crops.

If you would like to swim at the quarry or pick pumpkins in October, you are kindly requested to book on the farm’s website, by CLICKING HERE.

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