11 Great Cherry Picking Orchards in West Michigan

Pro tips: before you go cherry picking

It’s a good idea to call ahead or visit the farm’s Facebook page before you go cherry picking.
Some places on this list are only open by reservation.

When you call, ask:
“What are you choosing today?” When do you offer U-Pick? »
Not all pick-your-own days are created equal. Aim for a day when berry picking is plentiful and close together and picking will be easier, especially for young children.

“What type of payment do you accept?” » and “What is the price?
Be prepared to bring cash. Some places accept checks. Small operations may not have the capacity to accept credit cards.

“Do you offer injections? »
Some places will pit your cherries for free while others charge a fee or don’t offer the service at all.

“Are the cherries easy to reach for children? »
Picking cherries can often involve climbing ladders, which can be tricky for young pickers. Find out in advance if your toddler will be able to participate.

” Are there bathrooms ? »
It’s a good idea to know the condition of the facilities, especially if you’re bringing kids.

“How do we find you? »
Often, the address listed by a farm is the main farm, office, or farmers market. And it can be very difficult for a GPS to locate a cherry orchard if it doesn’t have its own address. So go old fashioned and get directions when you call.

“What should we bring? »
Many West Michigan self-picked cherry orchards will want you to bring your own containers to carry the fruit home.

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